Types of Online Football Gambling Betting

Types of Online Football Gambling Betting

After you understand each term in the gambling game, next we will provide an explanation of the various types of soccer gambling bets that are quite popular, including the following:


1. Handicap

Handicap is a type of voor bet, where the team that is superior because it has a number of star players parlay bola or the home team will give voor to the away team or the less favorite club in that match.


2. 1×2

How to play soccer gambling using this type of bet is that if you choose 1, it means you place a bet on the home team, while if you choose 2, it means you place a bet for the away team. And if you choose x, it means you place a bet for the draw of the two competing teams.


3. Over / Under

How to play over / under gambling is that you only need to place a bet for over or under. Later, the dealer will predict what the outcome of the match will be, then your job is only to guess whether the score will be over (over) or under (under) than the score that has been determined in the ball market.


4. Mix Parlay
The way to play mix parlay is that you only need to place bets on three different teams in one bet value. If one of the selected teams loses, then you are declared defeated. This type of bet is quite interesting, because the odds offered are quite high compared to other types of bets.


5. Outright

How to play outright bets is to determine which team will be the winner in a certain championship. For this type of bet, it is quite crowded to choose during the World Cup and European Cup. Not even a few also play this bet in the champions league.


Those are some types of online soccer betting bets and how to play them, actually there are many other types of bets that you can choose from. However, we only explain some of the markets that are played by all bettors in Indonesia.


So much information from us, hopefully this article can provide new insights for you. Thank you.