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Trusted Online Slot Gambling Game Release The Kraken

Release the Kraken is a maritime themed Slot Gambling Game from developer Pragmatic Play. For the uninitiated, the Kraken is a famous cephalopod popularized by Moby Dick and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Both books were released in the 19th century, but the legend of the Kraken far predates them. It originally appeared in the Norse Sagas depicting a squid-like beast that terrorized the hearts and minds of sailors for centuries.

Pragmatic Play continues the tradition with the Gacor Slot Game which is capable of delivering huge prizes, but is equally adept at haunting dreams after a particularly savage session. Being one of the better looking games to launch off the Pragmatic production line in some time, this game sits at the bottom of a deep blue ocean. The semi-transparent 5-reel, 4-row arrangement lies in front of an old, badly damaged galleon on the seabed.

The UI allows players to select 1-10 coins per line, with a coin value of 0.01 -0.50. This means total bets from 10 p/c per spin up to £/€100. During a basic slot game, players match three or more symbols on 20 paylines for a payout. At 4/5 lightning, it’s not Pragmatic Plays’ most volatile setting, but don’t let that fool you because it’s certainly up there just the same. Release the Kraken ship (get it, ship? Sorry), with a respectable default RTP of 96.5%.

As is often the case, the payout table is split between low and high paying symbols. The low payers are J – A card aristocrats with nothing exciting or nautical about them. High payers are more imaginative with four sea creatures – green fish, blue fish, turtle and shark. They all have that friendly Finding Nemo look about them.

Logo Game Gambling Online Slot Trusted is the most valuable regular symbol with five species are paid 25 times more than the bet. The standard wild is worth the same amount and can substitute for any symbol except the Bonus, Free Spins or Bonus Chest symbols. There are a few other wilds, but we’ll see in the features section where they’re triggered. After a few early rounds, there’s little to set this game apart (excluding themes) from some of the other games in the Pragmatic catalog.

Money Mouse Online Slot Gambling Game Site (Pragmatic Play)

Completing the Pragmatic Play Asian Slot Gambling Game duo is Money Mouse. Where Magic Journey uses a unique formula to bring something new, Money Mouse takes a completely outdated approach. This is one game that reminds you of about 20 other Slot Gambling Games. Jin Ji Boa Xi comes to mind, as does Caishen’s Cash (less potency). If the gameplay feels familiar, there’s good reason for that. Money Mouse is a clone of another Pragmatic Slot Game called Wolf Gold and shares almost everything except the external graphics and sound effects.

Pragmatists certainly love to make Asian-themed Slot Gambling Games, the catalog is bloated. There’s nothing wrong with repeating popular themes if that’s your thing, but it’s a little less excusable if the end result is very unoriginal. However, there’s a trio of No Cut Slots jackpots , and lots of extra features so let’s not completely remove them just yet. Within the broader Asian genre, is there a name for this particular type of slot game? There should be, there are plenty of them in circulation to warrant a more detailed categorization.

You might be able to tell from the screenshot, but this is one of those slot games with a red or green background, lots of gold and symbols straight from the gift shop. Not knocking that style, just saying. Money Mouse is based on Chinese New Year celebrations and should be released just in time. In the Chinese calendar, 2020 is the Year of the Rat. Money Rat doesn’t have the same tone as Money Mouse. The connotations and imagery are not so funny. Against a bright red background, the slot game grid contains 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines.

The user interface is classic Pragmatic Play which is great because it’s clean and flows well. The bet level can be adjusted by adjusting the number and value of the coin. The amount is a bet that starts at 25 p/c and goes up to £/€125 per spin. Money Mouse runs on the same stats as Wolf Gold which means the RTP rating is banging on 96%. Volatility remains the same too, at 3/5 lightning bolt or medium-high settings.

Skip to the payout list and there are a total of 8 regular symbols, four low, four premium. The low four are nobles J – A made with brush strokes. The four premiums are oranges, drums, firecrackers, and dragon masks. Value for granted, with a dragon mask worth 20 times the Indonesian online slot bet for five types. The happy smiling mouse character is a wild that substitutes for other paying symbols and also pays out up to 20 times the bet when five lands on the payline.

Magic Journey Online Slot Gambling Game Deposit

Magic Journey is half of the latest Asian-themed action double to come from developer Pragmatic Play – the other is Money Mouse which offers a completely different style of Slot Gambling. Magic Journey manages to deliver some unique gameplay that takes a few rounds to figure out what’s going on. It’s actually not as complicated as it seems, quite the opposite. While some Asian-themed slot games have had their hands full, Magic Journey has taken the opposite path.

It’s very simple, has fast steps, and uses bright symbols lifted straight from the theme. In terms of visual appearance, Magic Journey is loosely based on one of the most famous novels in China,Online Slot GamesJourney to the West. This is a classic tale of enlightenment filled with animal/human characters. It is best known in the West from the TV adaptation of Monkey, which emphasizes the Kung Fu movement over enlightenment.

This lighter approach is what we get with Magic Journey. The five yellow lightning bolts on the home page remind players of the fact that this game is as volatile as it gets from Pragmatic Play. The fast speed at which slot games are played is aided by the absence of bonus features to interrupt the flow. RTP is on the respectable side at 96.54% (although it can be lower in some casinos), and betting costs 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin.

The graphic standard is above average, and the unusual setting lies in the green tiled pagoda style structure. The background is an image of classic Asian mountains, golden skies and lots of natural beauty. The Slot Gambling Game area undoubtedly stands out because it is different and consists of 3×3 squares.

You’d assume that the grid rotates at first glance, but it doesn’t. On top of that, there’s also an extra row at the bottom, which makes sense as a bonus roll. Again, wrong on both counts. So how exactly does this work?