Terms in Football Gambling Betting

Terms in Football Gambling Betting

When you are on the betting page, select the parlay bet . However, mostly on Indonesian soccer gambling sites, write this bet with a mix parlay . After the parlay betting page opens, you will find the selection of game parties. In this betting page there are several terms that need to be understood.

The first is pp, which is the amount of bet credit that is owned or stored in the account. For placing bet credits sbobet88 bola in this parlay or mix parlay, it is only 13 thousand rupiah. Very cheap and can be reached by anyone. Then there is the first half where the choice of parlay bets is only for one round or 1 × 45 minutes in the first half.

Before knowing how to place a parlay bet , you must know the term full time where bets are placed in two full 2 ​​x 45 minutes. Then there is also the term HDP or handicap which applies voor balls with various odds values. In a betting market there are usually three types of choices. For example voor 1, 1-1.5, and 0.5-1. By installing a handicap that enforces voor when betting .

Next there is OU which means over under . The bettor here must guess the total number of goals that will be made by the two competing teams. What is the resulting score above ( over ) or under ( under ) of the numbers at stake. OE or odd even which means odd even where you have to guess the total number at the end of the match is odd or even. For example 1-0, 2-1, 0-3, the total result is odd. While the number is even for example 1-1, 2-0, 1-3.

To understand how to place a parlay bet, you also have to know the term 1×2 betting, also known as HDA ( home, draw, away ). In this bet, the bettor must guess which team wins the match. Will the home team win ( home represented by number 1), draw ( draw represented by x) or the new team ( away represented by number 2).

In this betting page you can also see the two teams that will compete. The name of the team is located in the column along with the name of the current league event and the implementation of the match. This information will make it easier for you to check the match and the results.

Guide to Placing Parlay Football Betting
As explained, in the parlay , a minimum of three bets are selected. Taking more bets, the better because the multiplication of the winning value will be even greater.

If you have determined what bets will be taken, then the next way to place a parlay bet is to place the bet money. You can place a bet with a minimum value of 13 thousand rupiah. As for the calculation of the win from the parlay, it is calculated based on the odds that apply in the match. The bigger the odds of the team you choose, the bigger your winnings.

There are four kinds of winning calculations that apply to parlays . The first is all stake win where all bets placed win. The second calculation is the draw stake or tie bet. In this bet, usually two of the 3 bets placed result in a tie bet and get one win.

The third winning calculation is the win half stake which means the bet won is half. All counts will be halved or multiplied by half. Only then the results are multiplied to get the odds value . The last calculation is lose half which means the bet loses half. In this bet there is usually one bet that loses out of the three bets placed.

All odds obtained from these four calculations will eventually be multiplied by the money wagered. For example, if you place a bet of 100 thousand, the result will be multiplied up to 100. The net amount of winnings is deducted by the betting capital. Of course, of the four counts the most profitable is the win of all bets and the one with the smallest bet value is a draw or draw.

How to place parlay gambling is actually easy. It’s just that the calculation of his winnings is sometimes confusing. If you have difficulty calculating your winnings, certain soccer betting sites usually provide a winning calculation simulation.