Poker Related Gear Is A Good Bet For Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, some of us are still wondering what to do to get the man who means so much to us. Sure, a T-shirt or tie is a handy gift, but will it improve his poker skills? Probably not.

With millions of people playing poker today, a poker-related Father’s Day gift is a definite winner.

Dads can use green, plastic, dealer shields, like the ones you saw dealers wearing on the World Poker Tour. And if he’s not playing poker, the visor does double duty for the bright summer sunshine. The Visor is available in a variety of places for just $2.99, including online retailers like

Or you can get a hint from Ed Miller, Noted Poker Authority. He has just finished his third book, No Limit Hold ’em: Theory and Practice, co-authored with David Sklansky. Both are well-known in the poker community and regularly contribute to online poker discussion forums, such as Two Plus Two

“No Limit Hold ’em is excellent, and there is currently no book on the market that comes close to covering the detailed material in this book,” said Ed Miller who claims the book takes a theoretical approach to no-limit hold poker and teaches their readers to think about the game. in new and profitable ways.

“I am a natural product of an economics professor father and an English professor mother: I write books about poker.” When asked what he would get his dad for Father’s Day, Ed replied, “Oh yes, Father’s Day is coming. I guess I should get him something.”

If your dad doesn’t read much, but still wants to learn how to play poker well, Expert Hold$Em offers a set of hold’em instructional DVDs. DVD, titled, Reading Hands, Adjusting Your Play, Advanced Pre-Flop Concepts, and Protecting Your Hands retail $24.95 each