5 Ways to Play Blackjack Gambling Online

Online Blackjack gambling is a simple card game that has more players than roulette players, or other casino players. For the game to win Casino88, you not only want to open up opportunities, but you also have to have a strategy in this online blackjack gambling game.

Since the inception of online Blackjack, there have only been a few players who have actually learned and been able to beat the system consistently. And without a doubt, online Blackjack is becoming a very popular game compared to other online casino table games. especially in Indonesia itself and you should easily expect yourself to learn the strategy and because of that it will be discussed in this article from start to finish.

New card value. In online blackjack, each card in the online blackjack gambling game has a different number value. The aim of this online blackjack game is to beat the Dealer (Bandar) and also avoid your card getting burned where it has a total of 22 or more. Here is the value of each card in the online Blackjack game:

Cards numbered 2 to 10 have a face value (number cards)

Aces have two values. This card can be worth 1 or 11 and is used to score a number with the number 21.

Each card with a royal image such as (Kings, Jacks, and Queens) has a value of 10.

If you have an Ace with a King card or a card that has a value of 10, then you immediately get a card called Blackjack.

Term of Online Blackjack Gambling Game


This means that you will draw a card in the hope of getting 21 and if it exceeds that number then you will lose and be declared Busted. When you select Hit, you can do so by pointing to the card or by shaking the card. If one of the cards is face down, the player can scratch the card on the table. You can’t see verbally due to security issues.


You can get the first 2 cards if they are the same. By doing this, you can make the same bet between the two based on the first bet principle. For example, you get the first 2 cards numbered 7 when you deal the cards. The dealer will deal the first two cards of 7 and will get 2 cards on the first seven. Then you can play from the giveaway and choose STAND and BUST and the dealer will deal to solve one of the two 7.


You can multiply the first main bet you place by getting only 1 card. Each casino has different rules, some will let you double if you have a total of 10 or 11 on the first two cards, others will allow you to do anything on the second card.


You can check with the Insurance dealer if you have a card as. This is because the dealer has a value of 10 and is competing for Online Blackjack. If Insurance is taken then half of the original bet amount also applies. It is to the player’s advantage that if they lose the hand and come out victorious in the Insurance bet, the score will be 0 but in this case there is a high probability for you to either end up in a draw or not win.

Exciting Live Casino Sicbo Dice Gambling Game!

If you hear that the game Sbobet casino Sicbo dice is no stranger to people who like to play gambling in the country, at first before online gambling players played Sicbo Dice in a gathering place to do Sicbo Dice gambling, where the Sicbo Dice game at that time was very popular.

From all circles of society who enjoy this sicbo dice game, both men and some women are seen playing cool and exciting sicbo dice in the crowds in the gambling house, of course there are interesting and easy games to play from this sicbo dice game, many of whom love this game.

Since the ban on gambling in the country, everyone can no longer bet on land, therefore bookies and all players bet online on Live Casino Sites from several years ago along with the development of the entry of the internet network in their respective countries.

From there online gambling has grown rapidly to date, therefore the sicbo dice game can also be played online to bet directly which is displayed from a small video contained on the Live Casino Online Gambling Site, so that players can easily play and safely and provide convenience. That’s why many players love the online sicbo dice game today.

when you play sicbo dice gambling on the Trusted Indonesian Online Casino Gambling Site of International Quality, you will be accompanied by beautiful bookies who accompany you to play for 24 hours live, where the sicbo dice game is played with three dice and shaken alternately. closed bowl.

After the dice are shuffled, players are then required to place bets on the types of bets available at the betting table.

So to play it is very easy where you only guess three dice numbers according to the type of bet on the table

2 Tricks to Play Roulette Online

The most important thing is that you have to play on a trusted online casino gambling provider site so that you can better ensure security and comfort when transacting.

Game Roulette online This is included in the type of online casino game. And the name roulette comes from the French Roulette which means small wheel. The game system is a dealer who spins the wheel in all directions and then throws the ball in the opposite direction. So the ball spins around the wheel.

You should also know that this roulette game has 37 colored squares and has numbers on the wheel. If you are an online casino game player who is still a beginner. And want to learn to play, we will tell you some tips in playing this online game. Below we will discuss these powerful roulette tips and tricks.

Strategies & Tricks to Play Roulette Online Easily and Win
What we are going to explain to you now is very easy for you to understand. So you just need to look for online roulette games that have such high stakes. Black And Red, Even And Odd, 1-19 And 19-36. These three types of bets both have a 50:50 winning proportion.

If only to get big profits with not much capital. You must specify 1 type of bet you want to place and assign it to that bet. Examples Like This:

For example, you are perfectly even 30 thousand, an odd result then you lose 30 thousand
Then install it again at an even number of 40 thousand and the results that come out are odd again, your total loss is 75 thousand
And the third time, put another 100 thousand and the results that come out are still odd and of course you lose 175 thousand
And finally you bet again even though you bet 200 thousand and the results that come out are even then you get a profit of 200 thousand.
If we bet the total bet, you get a profit of 25 thousand. but if it is multiplied by more value then the profit will be greater. The following are strategies and tricks for playing online roulette games.

Although the above strategies are easy and simple to play, you should know that not all allow the above roulette tricks. But you don’t need to be afraid because we also have other strategies that you can use to bet on this game. That is by uniting the last 4 numbers and having to wait 3 times the same number.

Tricks to Read Online Roulette Game Statistics
The last four numbers that came out were 30,8,14 and 1
You have 3 reps ranging from 1-18 so you have to be sure to bet on numbers 19-36 using the number 1 method.
The second example eg 30.8.14 and 36 you have 4 even numbers so you have to make sure to bet odd on the next bet.
Note: If you have won the match 3 or 4 times at the table. Then you have to move to another table so that your roulette formula is not detected or read on the game table. This method is a statistic in this online gambling game. You can group multiple numbers that have a larger exit proportion. The following is a collection of positive numbers:

The Best and Popular Online Casino Gambling Games

Online casino is the best place for you entertainment seekers and gambling fans. Not only western casinos, there are also online casinos that are present in a form of site that offers practicality and convenience when playing. Both home casinos and online casino gambling sites provide a wide variety of gambling games to play and here are 5 of the best casino gambling reviews that you shouldn’t miss.

Types of Online Casino Gambling Games


A game that has been around since the 18th century. Roulette gambling online at online casinos at that time was still under royal control before being replaced by a capitalist system where online casino gambling was owned by a private business. Roulette is played with a unique way of playing and using two tools, namely a wheel that has a rotating axis. This wheel has 37 number holes in it, namely Anfka 1-36 and zero in European roulette and 36 numbers plus 0 and 00 in it in American roulette. The second tool for this bet is a small ball made of high quality porcelain or metal.

The ball will be rolled into this spinning roulette wheel until finally the spin slows down and stops so that the ball will land in one of the number holes in it. All bettors who place this bet on the same number will win the bet and are paid according to what was placed. There are 10 types of bets in roulette that will be placed.


Baccarat is one of the oldest and traditional online casino games inherited from the royal era. At first, this gambling was only played by the elite and established courtiers with income. So it is not surprising that many people think that roulette is a luxury gamble. However, the reality is that since entering the casino and in the era of , baccarat can be played by everyone because the choice of the number of bets is very flexible from the smallest to the largest.

There are two camps in this gambling where you can place the banker and the player, if the camp you place has a card that is bigger than the other camp then you will win the bet. However, you can place a tie if you think that the outcome of both sides will be equally strong.


Ta Siau or Da Siau is another name for this Sicbo gambling which is the pride of Sicbo online . It still reminds you of the gambling film that is phenomenal for many people, namely God of Gambler from the first series to the third series, played by Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau, and Stephen Chow. You will see this sicbo dice gambling played mainly in the second and third series of films which symbolizes that sicbo was first popular from China and was introduced to the public by Casino Macao which has now become the largest gambling city in the world since then. beat Las Vegas.

Sicbo is played in a simple way where there are several choices of bet types that will be placed to guess the result of 3 six-sided dice.

Do you crave a gambling game that is not only based on luck and based on the available opportunities to win like gambling in general. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for then blackjack gambling is your favorite casino game choice. Both online and land-based casinos provide this gambling which has a very balanced chance of winning between the caisno and the player.

The purpose of this game is to get a card value of 21 or at least approach it without going through this 21 which will make you lose. Various strategies and thinking and calculations are required in this gamble to guarantee you win.


Slot gambling games are never empty of visitors and people who play them. Did you know that slots always dominate every casino in the world and also online casinos as the most crowded gambling played by all bettors because in this gambling there are all the elements that gamblers expect and slots will never fail to provide you with the best paid entertainment. to your win.

Slots also include gambling games that are easy to play without having to deal with a dealer, meaning you can determine for yourself how fast or slow this game can be played. it is enough to enter your bet and make a round to be able to play casino slot gambling. All symbols that roll over after spinning are expected to spawn some of the same symbols in a line pattern that you can define yourself to win. Slot gambling is now also equipped with a jackpot as the main prize that can reach a value of billions to tens of billions to hundreds of billions in more prestigious slots.

7 Tips on How to Play Live Casino Online

The following are tips on how to play live casino online

1. Comply with local online gambling laws

Online gambling is already illegal in the world. With that in mind, you should be absolutely sure that your home country considers online gambling acceptable. This will allow you to place bets and also claim your hard earned winnings.

If you are unsure of the laws governing gambling Dadu online online in your jurisdiction, you can simply contact your local authorities or read on specific websites.

2. Choose a trusted online gambling site

In this case, you must first know the license details of the given online live casino site. Online casino sites must be legally licensed to carry out gambling operations. For this information, visit the official online casino gambling site.

A competent site should list complete online casino games and with official contact details. A good site should use legal and universally accepted banking methods. Those are the basic characteristics of a trusted online casino gambling site.

3. Pay attention to the payment terms and transaction methods

Pay attention to which site so you get a win. It is very important to know the terms and conditions set such as if there are any hidden fees, minimum amount to be reached to receive payment and many others. You should also find out if the transaction method used is valid.

4. Can Play Casino Online For Free As A Trial

Find out if the online casino is legal or not? then look for free casino games on the site. Many competent sites generally have free trial game packages where you are absolutely not required to make a cash deposit or bet live.

These free games aim to get you a feel for how the selected online casino works and as an introduction to the first try to play.

5. Find out if the online casino site has competent customer service support

When visiting any online casino, you should find out if the site has great customer support in terms of roads and staff.

Divide money for necessities and gambling in order to get a win. look for toll-free sites that cater to your home country, the ability to have live chat, email, and private messaging services.

Customer support must be able to respond to player inquiries immediately and must also be available 24/7. If any of these aspects of customer service are lacking, keep looking for a more competent online casino.

6. Pay attention to the bonuses that the site offers

Almost every online live casino site usually attracts new players through bonuses that allow them to register and also get free games. These free gambling funds are usually divided into several games.

You should be aware of the minimum bet amount to be placed before this money is deposited into your account and the terms and conditions associated with this bonus.

7. Get to know the available games and the rules

You have to find out what the odds of winning from online casinos are. You can choose a live casino online site which is better for profit than the type of game. All these differences you need to know to increase your chances of winning in online gambling.

Have Very Good Quality every process that occurs on the main site

Unblocked sites are usually alternative sites or a switch from the main site. The function of this alternative site is also to back up every process that occurs on the main site. In other words, an alternative site is a backup site to replace the main site in case of problems such as blocking. If the main site is blocked and you switch to an alternative site from the same city, then you can still log in using your old account without creating another account.

As a substitute site for the main site, this unblocked Sbobet site certainly has the responsibility to continue every quality provided by the main site. Because these alternative agen sbobet terbesar sites are usually owned by large and trusted bookies, of course this alternative site must have various features that must be presented to serve every player who plays on the site.

Some of these features are the existence of Customer Service . The function of this CS is to serve every complaint and problem that players face while playing on online gambling sites. Usually alternative sites from trusted bookie sites will apply CS for 24 hours to serve player problems. In addition, this CS also provides a place to accommodate all criticism and suggestions from players for the progress of the Sbobet gambling site.

In addition to Customer Service , Sbobet sites that are not blocked will usually have a super fast and anti-slow deposit and withdrawal system. That way all the players on the site don’t have to worry about the transactions on the alternative sites. For banks that are used for their own transactions, the dealer will provide some of Indonesia’s largest local banks such as BNI, BCA, BRI, and Mandiri.

For the minimum amount of withdrawal and deposit itself, each site has its own conditions. However, in general, the bookie usually puts a minimum number of 50 thousand rupiah. That way, you can get big profits with very little capital on this Sbobet site.

In the process of withdrawing and depositing on the Sbobet site that is not blocked, it is usually accompanied by several bonuses, especially for new players. One of them is the bonus offered by the ITCBET site. ITCBET bookies provide 100% Poker, 50% Sportbooks and 30% bonuses on Slots and Casinos. You can get these four bonuses when you make your first deposit.

Although usually alternative sites are not blocked, it doesn’t hurt you to look for ways to get into sites that have DNS blocked. One of them is to use a Virtual Private Network or VPN. With a VPN you can disguise the origin of your IP country so that later you can enter through a country that does not block the site’s DNS.

For those of you who want to open blocked sites, you only need to download a third-party application that provides VPN access such as VPN Master or others. Then, you turn on the VPN and start trying to enter blocked sites. If it works, then the VPN method has worked. With this VPN, of course you can turn a blocked Sbobet site into an unblocked Sbobet site for you personally.

The Advantages of Unblocked Sbobet Sites and Their Benefits

The advantages of unblocked Sbobet Sites! Online gambling is now rife in all parts of the world, including in Indonesia. This gambling has even spread and will continue to spread throughout the country of Indonesia. How did it happen? Of course, because of the strengthening and development of the internet from time to time where the speed continues to grow so that information can spread very quickly.

For those of you who don’t know what online gambling is, online gambling is an activity of betting in a game. If you agen bola terbaik win the game, you will get bets placed by other players along with the bonus. Vice versa, if you lose, the bet you place will be taken by the party who won the game.

To access online gambling games , of course there is a media that is used as the center of gambling games. One of them is through a website or website. Later this site will be used as a center for all transactions and online gambling games . But unfortunately some online gambling sites have now started to be blocked and excluded from virtual world search engines. However, not all sites are successfully blocked. There is also an unblocked Sbobet site .

Why are these sites blocked? All these sites are usually blocked because the state or government of a country does not allow these sites to enter their country, including Indonesia. Indonesia itself has also blocked many online gambling sites , confusing online gambling players at the time. However, at this time several cities have anticipated the incident in several ways.

One of them is to provide links or addresses of transition sites or backup sites. This backup site will be structured according to a high level of security and will be hidden from those who deserve to be watched. By using strict security, this unblocked Sbobet site will be very lucky and develop rapidly. Even so, not all sites that are not blocked are always due to escape surveillance.

There are several gambling sites that are not blocked because they meet the licensing requirements and the site is official and guaranteed to be safe and reliable. One example is the ITCBET site. The ITCBET site is an official site that has various Sbobet games on it. However, sites that qualify and have permits usually have their own advantages. Here are the advantages of the Sbobet site that escaped the block.

Have High Security
By doing various ways so that they are not blocked, of course the Sbobet site that is not blocked has the intelligence and advantages in escaping. Although the bookie can take care of the licensing, in fact the bookie prefers to use alternative links which of course have more quality and will not be easily tracked unless you go directly to the web page without going through a search engine.

In addition, with the presence of many gambling games, it will certainly make you not bored and not bored in playing. With so many games, you can also choose one of the online gambling games or Sbobet that is the best or most controlled by you so that your percentage of winning the game is very large and you can beat other players easily.

Since this is an unblocked Sbobet site , of course it is clear that the bookie will secure data for each account, be it player personal data or transaction data between players and dealers such as deposits and withdrawals. Later the transaction data will be hidden or hidden from other players and only you can see the list of transactions that you have made.

Mistakes After Joining as a Sbobet Member

After discussing the mistakes that occurred before joining as a sbobet member , this time we will also discuss the mistakes that often occur when someone is already a sbobet member. Maybe even every player has done some of the things below:

Playing on Public Computers
Sometimes, many sbobet members are not aware of this. Playing on a public computer such as an internet cafe for example can be a very fatal mistake. Because, there will always be maxbet a risk that they forget to log out of their gambling account. So this provides an opportunity for several people to be able to access the account easily.

The potential for your account to be hacked in this way is huge. Imagine if for example the results of the victory you get are very large, of course this will be used by some people. They can change the password and eventually take control of your gambling account. Then drain all of your winnings into that person’s personal account. Therefore, why playing on a public computer is not recommended at all if you have joined as a sbobet member.

It will be safer and easier if you play through your own cellphone. Don’t even borrow a friend’s cell phone. Because, the betting game itself is something that is not to be shown in the general public. Because betting games are currently illegal to play in Indonesia. You must be able to keep your secrets and your data safe. Basically, play with your own device and don’t play with someone else’s.

Obsessed To Win Continuously Playing
After joining as a member of sbobet on an online betting site, the most common mistake made is an obsession that occurs to every player. Yes, the obsession to be able to win the game continuously makes their eyes dark sometimes. Actually this is not allowed. Because, obsession that is not in place will only cause harm to the players themselves.

Until in the end they have to curb this desire so as not to get the fatal consequences of the obsession that attacks them. Having the will to win is okay, but excessive obsession is not allowed. Because this makes the members have the potential to commit fraud that is not in place.

Even though of course it is very clear that cheating is something that is forbidden to do on online betting sites. Whatever the site is, it’s even on ITCBET. Cheating is a fatal mistake that cannot be forgiven and will eventually result in expulsion of the sbobet member from the gambling site. If that’s the case, it will be difficult for them to find a site that is truly trustworthy and of good quality.

Some of these mistakes should make many players think not to make the same mistakes and of course be more careful. Finding a good site is quite a difficult thing in this modern era. Because, all of them offer a lot of things that make sense. Don’t get caught up in the mistakes that have been clearly described above.

For a quality sbobet gambling agent, it would be nice if you entrust it to ITCBET. Because this site has been around for a long time and has become the trust of many sbobet members . ITCBET itself was indeed founded in 2012, which means that it has been a place for online gambling lovers in Indonesia for a very long time. An online betting site will not last that long if it is not trusted by many members.

Generally, sites that have satisfactory service will be visited more and more and more and more who want to join as sbobet members. ITCBET also always tries to give the best for its members. Both in terms of the ease of deposit and withdrawal transactions, to presenting various bonuses for players to choose from.

In essence, being a sbobet member at ITCBET has nothing to lose. Because it has proven its quality among online gambling lovers. There’s nothing to doubt. The customer service, which is always dealing with the players, is also very friendly and automatically makes the members feel comfortable if there is a complaint they have to say.

So, you understand, don’t you, what are the mistakes that occur before and after joining as a sbobet member ? It is better to study well the mistakes above and serve as lessons so as not to repeat them in the future. Hopefully what is conveyed can be useful.

Mistakes Often Made by Sbobet Members

Mistakes Sbobet Members Often Make Before and After Joining an Online Betting Site! Many are interested in being part of an online betting site by becoming a member of sbobet. They also decided that they wanted to join a site that was considered trusted in order to get satisfactory facilities. Like at ITCBET for example. Unfortunately, because there are too many sites, sometimes these prospective members experience quite a number of mistakes that result in the losses they experience.

Mistakes Before Joining as a bandar judi sbobet Member These mistakes even get them stuck on fake sites. Well, if you are a beginner in the world of online betting, it’s a good idea to learn from the mistakes below so you don’t get a loss like the others. Anything? Here is the full review!

Not Reading Detailed Information
Most trusted betting sites have special criteria so that they can be said to be quality agents. Those of you who want to join as a sbobet member must know what these special criteria are. So that when you look for a betting site, you don’t just get tempted by the abundant bonuses. Because the average fake site will use this tactic to attract more members.

Read the information on the site you choose in more detail so that there are no mistakes because you missed an information. Usually trusted sites will provide clear information about themselves. Like when the site was founded, what are their vision and mission, and other things like that.

Don’t Ask More Experts
Sometimes, as a prospective sbobet member , in order to get a site with good quality, we have to ask players who are more expert or say senior. Because, usually their instincts are sharp about fake sites and genuine sites. So their assessment is quite important. Never hesitate to ask questions about something you don’t understand.

Because, as the saying goes, it is shameful to ask astray on the road. So, if you don’t look for information and ask seniors this and that, then you will have a hard time finding a site with very good quality. However, you also have to first see who you are asking, what their behavior is like and so on. If you ask the wrong people, then you can be sure you will not get the information you want.

Find out how to win soccer SBOBET easily and quickly

This account number is highly required when filling out the registration field because it will be used for betting transactions. The types of banks that are usually used are BCA, BNI, BRI, and Mandiri.

After being registered in a soccer SBOBET account, all players have to do is find out how to win soccer SBOBET easily and quickly. Here are some ways that can be done by players, especially novice players.

Regularly Check Team Statistics
Checking the statistics of other teams or opposing teams is one or even mandatory so that players can find out sbobet indonesia the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing team. That way players have an idea about other teams and can develop strategies when they will compete.

Always pay attention to the composition of players used by game players in each game. If the game player knows every player that has been sent down, he can arrange several players who are required to be demoted. Because if you don’t know anything about which players are being sent, it will be difficult to anticipate or see gaps from the opposing team. Because this is part of the players knowing how to win SBOBET .

Understand Voor and Odds
Voor is the goal scored during the game, while odds are the ratio of the level of points held. Therefore, online gambling players must also know and understand this, because this is like predicting victory.

Bet Combination
Don’t always fixate or focus on one game and hope that in that game you will win. This way of winning SBOBET has the possibility of winning because the orientation is not only on one game.

Playing Cunning
This method is often used in every game and players can also use this method so that they can win SBOBET online soccer gambling . To use this method the player must also pay attention to the weaknesses of the opponent or the location of the gap points when playing.

Knowing the Type of Market
Players can find out how to win SBOBET by paying attention to the type of market used by the opponent. Meanwhile, SBOBET has market types such as mix, over or under , evens or odds, half time or full time , and outright .

Always Update Ball
This is quite important for players. By always seeing the development of the existing ball. Players can also predict the opposing team just by looking at these developments. Therefore, knowledge about the ball must be mastered by the player, without it the player will feel ignorant about the match.

Games to Avoid
There are several games that players should avoid in order to win the game. This way of winning SBOBET can avoid some games that are felt to be detrimental to players so that they can have many opportunities. Games that should be avoided such as roulette, keno and slots, avoid the new model table games, and lottery ticket games with low profits are also worth avoiding.

Those are some ways that can be used to win the ball at SBOBET. The most important thing that a player can do is choose a game that allows for many wins. However, in addition, pay attention to the skills of the players in each game because not all players have skills in all games. Must only have one or two skills in a few games.

Choose the game according to the needs and skills possessed by the player. Never try new games with minimal expertise and place quite a lot of bets. Many losses will be experienced by players, therefore choosing a game that matches your expertise is one way to win SBOBET .

However, if you want to try a new game, the player must also know how to play the game. You can also check the weaknesses of the game, and of course don’t place too many bets if you don’t really understand the game. As explained above, there are some games that players should avoid.

How to win SBOBET above can be used by players while playing on SBOBET. Because SBOBET has many advantages that can be enjoyed by players. Even players who have just joined can get a bonus at once to then choose the game to be played. Meanwhile, if you have won the game often, then don’t ask again how much bonus the player will get.

Therefore, join the SBOBET online gambling site to get the many benefits and facilities provided. Don’t worry about the security provided, SBOBET has guaranteed security and the data in it will not leak to other accounts.

Those are some ways to win SBOBET at SBOBET that players can use to win online soccer gambling games .