Learn How to Play Poker

To learn how to play poker is not a difficult task, given proper tutorials. Poker is a card game that involves players betting on their own cards. It is a form of gambling. Each player is dealt five cards, and he must use these cards to form a strong hand (card combination). There are 10 possible hands, listed from highest to lowest:

Royal Flush: Consists of 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace- all of the same suit  . It is very difficult to get a royal flush. You may want to learn how to play poker but remember getting a royal flush is a rare occurrence .
Straight Flush: This requires 5 cards, in order, and all of them belong to the same card. Eg a 2,3,4,5 and 6 clubs. Remember – 2,3, Ace, King, Queen are invalid straight flushes.
Four of a Kind: Four of a kind occurs when a player has four cards of the same numerical rank and one additional card. Eg- King, King, King, King and 2.
Full House: Consists of three cards of the same numerical value, and a pair. For example Ace, ace, ace and a pair of sevens. Hands are always graded, first by three-of-a-kind and after that by the pair.
Flush: A flush consists of five cards of the same suit. Numerical ratings make no difference. Eg – Ace, 3, 7, 9 and Jack of hearts.
Straight: It consists of five cards in numerical order, regardless of suit. Here, sequences 2, 3, Ace, King and Queen are invalid.
Three of a Kind: This is a hand that has three cards of the same numerical value and two additional cards. Eg Seven, seven, seven and two other cards.
Two Pairs: Consists of two pairs of pairs and one additional card.
One pair: If two players have one pair, the player with the higher ranked pair wins.
High Card: If no card above is formed then the player with the highest ranking card based on numerical value wins. player card.
The rules you should know to learn to play poker are:

– Each player first places a predetermined number of tokens as a bet. This is to ensure that there is always a winning amount.
– Cards are dealt. You can players start by opening a pot (start betting) or checking (waiting for someone else to start betting). If you want to learn how to play poker, you are not always nervous about opening a pot.
– A player can fold, or opt out of the game at any time. If you want to learn how to play poker, you can’t always be careful. Learn how to take risks!
– The game continues, and each player must look at the previous player (match the bet), raise it (bet the larger amount), or fold.
– After one betting round, all players still in the game can discard up to 3 unwanted cards and take new ones.
– The game ends when there are no more raises, or when every player except one has folded.
– The remaining players compare their cards and the one with the highest winning hand. The player’s pot (all collected money) goes to him.

This is how you can learn to play poker, in a nutshell! player

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