Football betting soccer online big win

Football betting soccer online big win

In history, the first time that soccer gambling appeared was started by Charles who was an English nobleman. At this time, Charles and his friends made a bet using something more valuable than money, namely, land of gold and gems. Careless with his friends guessed each other which team would win, for those who were correct could get the bet that was agreed upon in advance.

But there is another version of the origin of the emergence of soccer gambling. It is said that a student who loves football very much should choose to study in the library for exam preparation. Because he was curious who would win the match, he finally invited his partner to shoot each other. For those who guess correctly, they will get prizes.

Online soccer betting

If previously soccer gambling was done by friends or people you know, since the existence of technology, soccer gambling has begun to develop with the times. In the end, even people who didn’t know each other could place bets from anywhere. The following is an explanation of the history of online gambling in the world and also in Indonesia.

Football betting in the world

In many records, it is stated that gambling websites first appeared in 2008. However, with increasingly developing technology, the number of gambling sites began to develop. In fact, in 2021 there are already a lot of gambling websites to choose from. However, these websites not only provide soccer gambling games but also other gambling games such as online poker, online QQ and many more.

Football betting in Indonesia

Then what is the history of soccer gambling in Indonesia? Actually there is no specific history of soccer gambling in Indonesia. However, it is undeniable that there are many soccer gambling players in Indonesia. So basically, the history of soccer gambling in Indonesia coincides with online soccer gambling in the world.