Dragon Tiger Casino Agent in Indonesia

As has long been known, every game must have challenges and rules that apply. For gamblers who are looking for a dragon tiger online gambling game that can make a lot of money and has a very fast money turnover, Dragon Tiger is one of the games with the fastest money turnover and is very easy to play and understand.

All kinds of dragon tiger games in the world of two card gambling are dragon tiger online games that are fun and easy to understand and are live games for beginners who want to play dragon tiger gambling. So obviously there is no need to be confused anymore because there are so many online gambling agents at Dragon Tigers. Dragon tiger online players can place real money dragon tiger indonesia.

Dragon Tiger game start Ion Casino You can only find this in the Philippines. With very simple gameplay and short gameplay in each round, gamblers love dragon tiger. This has been proven by the many fans of gamblers who play this game on online dragon tiger gambling sites.

Often this is the same game as Dragon Tiger players being hit in pairs. Inspired by the Dragon vs Tiger legend, that’s how Dragon Tiger Indonesia is called.

Steps in Playing Dragon Tiger Casino Gambling

The dealer will deal two cards at the Dragon and Tiger locations.
Players can choose Dragon, Tiger or Tie (tie).
The payout for a dragon or a tiger is 1:1.
If it’s a draw, Dragon and Tiger will lose half of their capital.
Which king card is the highest while any A card is the smallest
Payout 1: 8

Online Payment Value for NAGA TIGER:

In this game, the win will be calculated in a 1:1 ratio (for example you pay 100,000, – and you win the game, then you get 100,000 – you will not get a cut from the game).

If you are “interested” in this game of Dragon Tiger, then it is calculated in a 1:8 ratio (for example, you place 100,000 – and you get a “tie” with a binary card, you will get 800,000 thousand).

In dragon tiger, players will not get a discount from the dealer if the player wins by guessing a dragon or a tiger, but if the player has a “TIE” then the amount of your bet on Dragon and Tiger will be cut in half from Every 50% commission, and the remaining 50% of the bet amount will be returned to the player.