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Send Coins from Indodax To Binance With Cheap Fees

Hello Crypto Traders, in this article I will discuss the issue of sending coins between exchanges again. because surely those of you who are new to the crypto world are a bit confused or still afraid to send coins to other exchanges. and in this example I use how to send coins from indodax to binance.

I’m sure by now you are definitely familiar with these two exchanges. indodax is one of the regulated crypto exchanges in Indonesia. and binance is an external crypto exchange with a global scale that has the largest transaction volume in the world.

Confused How to Send Coins from Indodax to Binance with Cheap Fees

Maybe now you want to send coins from indodax to binance bot. what are the steps? so follow the method below.

Attention! Each coin has a different way of sending. if anyone uses a memo like XRP, what must be remembered and can’t be wrong is. make sure the network used by both the sending and receiving exchanges must be the same.

In this example, I will use USDT with the TRC20 network so that the fee is cheap. around 1000 rupiah only. here are the steps:

  1. Must Have a Second Exchange Account

First, you go to the deposit and withdraw page on Binance, especially the USDT coin.

Now on this page, make sure to check the TRC20 one to use this network for shipping, so that the transaction fee is cheap. now we just need to take the withdrawal address from binance to put it in the Indodax Withdrawal Address form.

On Binance, all we have to do is go to the deposit page. select USDT and select network TRC20. now just copy your USDT wallet address on binance as the delivery destination address on indodax.

At this point, all you have to do is fill in the nominal amount of USDT sent. in anticipation for friends who send coins for the first time. try first with a small nominal. if you have entered a new one with a larger nominal.